About Second Life Maps

Discovering locations and events in Second Life

Basic Search Guidelines

Use the search field at the top of the page to enter terms related to places, themes or events you want to discover in Second Life. For example, if you are looking for dance clubs in Second Life then you might search for the exact name of the venue or related keywords (“dance club,” “nightclub,” “live music,” etc.).

Event Search Tips

Looking to attend an event? You will receive better results if you enter more detailed information into the search box. For example, if you are looking for a live fashion show on a particular day then you should try to enter in the specific name of the event, if possible. You can also add additional keyword information, including the date of the event (e.g. “fashion show, December, 2010").

Discover hundreds of hot spots in our Destination Guide

If you don't know what to search for or where to begin, we've added some initial suggestions from our Second Life Destination Guide in the left sidebar. The Destination Guide features select hot spots in fashion, music, education and arts & culture categories within Second Life. You can find even more suggestions on the Destination Guide Web site.

Promote your Second Life business or event

Second Life Map links (sometimes known as SLurls) make it a lot easier to get to places in Second Life from the web. You can use these links to share cool Second Life locations with your friends via e-mail, a blog or any social networking site. If you have Second Life installed, using a Second Life Map link will automatically transport you to that location inworld.

Also, you can share them with friends who don't have Second Life. When they join, they'll begin at the link you gave them, so they'll start at a familiar place. You can meet up and say "Hello!"

Creating your own Second Life Map link is easy. Simply use our map link tool to enter in the information for your entry.

How do I make a Second Life Map link using the Link Builder tool?
  1. Click Create your own map link in the upper right of the Second Life Maps page.
  2. In the Location data field, you need to enter in the exact Region Name and X, Y, Z coordinates for the arrival point that you would like Residents to teleport to. If you know this information already, you can enter it in directly. Alternatively, you can find this information within Second Life by looking at the top menu bar of your Second Life Viewer. You will see the name of your current location and the X, Y, Z coordinates listed there.
    Here’s an example: If your Second Life Viewer shows your location as Help Island Public 132, 123, 26 then you would enter in the words Help Island Public into the Region field and each of the three numbers in each of the X, Y and Z fields, respectively.
  3. You can also add title and description text information in those respective fields.
  4. There is also an option to display a .jpeg image file in the Window image field. If this is of interest, then you should enter the exact URL path to the Web-hosted image. The image path must end with .jpg (For example: http://maps.secondlife.com/_cdn/_img/default-new.jpg). Please keep your image at 300x300 pixels or smaller.
  5. Once you are ready, click Generate SLurl and you will get a link that you can share with others. This is a great way to promote your business or event, share a newly discovered location, or tell a friend where you'll meet them.
Here are a few other ways to make your own Second Life Map links:
  1. In Second Life on the World Map window, use the "Copy SLurl to clipboard" button. Then paste the link into an email, blog, chat window, etc.
  2. After you teleport in Second Life, click Communicate button > Local Chat tab. It'll say "Teleport completed from" followed by the link that you can backtrack or copy.
  3. Click Snapshot button and send a postcard. A picture and Second Life Map link will be delivered to your recipient.
Other Resources

See the knowledgebase article on SLurls for more information.

We encourage you to spread SLurls and make it easier to discover the joys of Second Life!